Vinyl Siding

Why Update Your Siding?

Updating your vinyl siding is the perfect way to modernize your home and give it additional curb appeal. With all of the colors, textures and styles available today the options are endless. At 5 Star Exteriors we help our customers bring their designs to life by layering the correct elements to create a beautiful, cohesive look.

Rigourous Testing

Provia Siding is put under the most stringent tests to prove that it is made to stand the test of time and the elements. With this testing comes confidence that the prefect color that you choose won’t fade, chalk, crack or peel. It is also covered by Provia’s Limited Lifetime warranty.  

Timberbay SidingA beautiful example of work completed by 5 Star Exteriors.

It's The Little Things

Vinyl siding brings the wow factor to your home especially when you pay attention to the details. We offer low maintenance, vinyl siding accents that will complete the look of your home. Our accents include board-n-batten, shakes, and stone in all colors and styles you can imagine.

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Siding project.
Siding project.


Beauty & Style

There are so many options when it comes to creating a unique exterior cladding look with vinyl siding. HeartTech vinyl siding is available in four unique profiles to help you achieve the look you want for your home.

Affordable & Efficient

HeartTech has been Provia’s #1 choice in siding for 30 years as a testament to its key attributes and benefits, like natural oak woodgrain, excellent weather resistance, impact resistance and color retention. You’ll love the appeal it adds to your home and the comfort of its limited lifetime warranty.


CedarMAX Insulated Vinyl Siding provides an impressive combination of beauty, durability and energy efficiency.

Featuring a natural cedar woodgrain texture, CedarMAX is available in a variety of color options and four different profiles to customize your curb appeal!

Siding project.
Siding project.
Siding project.

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The Scoop On Siding

  1. The surface of your existing walls where your siding is being installed is super crucial. We use polar wrap that is 3/8th’s thick because it is cost effective and will straighten out your walls.
  2. Will vinyl siding fade? The short answer is, yes, it will.  If anyone tells you otherwise they are not being truthful.  The manufacturers allow for color fading of 4 units in their warranties.  If you siding fades beyond these 4 units your siding will be covered by the manufacturers warranty.
  3. Installation is crucial when it comes to vinyl siding.  Siding will move, expanding and contracting with temperature changes.  If the vinyl siding isn't' fastened properly it will buckle during this expansion and contraction causing it to look awful.  We take extra care to ensure that we install your vinyl siding properly.

Choose Your Color

Lifestyle Collection

Premium Blue














Antique White



Signature Collection


Sea Slate


Mountain Berry











Stone veneer is the perfect accent to round out your home remodel.  It gives added elegance and charm needed to take the look of your home from mediocre to polished.  We use ProVia manufactured stone which is manufactured in the heart of Amish Country, Holmes County Ohio.  It is crafted to replicate the rugged textures, shadow lines, and coloring of authentic quarried stone.

ProVia manufactured stone is unique because each stone in every profile and palette starts with the expertise of a trained stone mason. Natural stones are selected and sculpted by true professional masons and used to create a realistic, handcrafted master mold. Real quarried stone molding, not computer modeling or CAD imaging, results in a near-perfect replica with all of the depth, character, texture and nuance of authentic stone. Edges, corners, reliefs and faces are expertly chiseled by hand, ensuring that even the smallest detail is accurate.


Vinyl Shakes will add texture & dimension with a touch of rustic charm to your home’s exterior by featuring Timberbay decorative shakes, which capture the look of authentic cedar without the continual upkeep of wood. Features:

  • Rigid, yet lightweight polypropylene material
  • No painting, staining or caulking required
  • Inherently moisture resistant—will not rot like wood
  • Low maintenance—just rinse with a garden hose

Board N Batten

Bring back that historic charm, without the high maintenance of wood, with board and batten siding.  This an attractive and practical solution to give your home the farmhouse feeling with a modern twist.

  • Low-maintenance freedom, giving you more time to spend on what matters most
  • Built-in weather barrier, so you’ll never have to paint, stain or caulk your home’s exterior
  • Resistance to fading, cracking, and thermal expansion and contraction
  • Exceptional impact resistance and durability
  • Peace of mind with a Lifetime Limited Warranty