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Our Mission

It is our goal to bring high quality home improvements to every person we work with. It is our job to ease the stress and guide you through the process from start to finish. At the end you will be happy and satisfied with the look of your newly updated home.

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About Us



Hard Work

We are a small company based right at the edge of Holmes and Tuscarawas County.

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that he is the only hope for this fallen world and that through him, we become better people.

Our goal to you as a customer is when we leave your home, you will KNOW that we have treated you as we want to be treated. We believe that this was a very basic message that Jesus taught and it is our duty to live it every day of our lives.

We do not profess to be perfect, but if we do make a mistake, we will make it right to you as a customer.

We will be clean in more ways than just having a clean jobsite when we leave. You will not hear cursing and rough talking.

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t subcontract out our projects.  We hire and train our own crews, building a team based on the values that are important to us.

We will approach your project through this scope:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hard Work
  • Attention to Detail

We believe that the above is a recipe for happy customers.

Who We Are

Brian Weaver


Brian Weaver and my wife Monica started the company in 2013. God has blessed us with 5 children: the oldest, Brandt and Mariah are 6 year old twins. Jordan is 4 and our youngest, Danny and Drew are also twins and are just 6 weeks old.

Tim Yoder


I grew up on a dairy farm and when I was 18 I started working for a construction company. I have worked hard in the construction industry ever since. I enjoyed seeing the houses and buildings that could be  built and renovated out of raw material. 

While I was a crew leader on the siding crew, one of my highlights was seeing what a  difference we as a team could make and then stepping back and  admiring the beautiful transformation when it was completed.  Being in sales now is one of my dreams come true to where I get the privilege to assist our customers design and renovate their home.  Many sales guys could probably out-talk me and neither will I try to  compete with them, however one of my strong points is to ask  questions and listen to what you need and visualize in your home. 

With your vision in mind coupled with 10+ years of experience  I can give you suggestions and tips to what would best suit your need and vision. I always try to keep the atmosphere relaxed and  friendly and not rushed or high-pressured. I can’t think and process  things as well when I am under pressure, and that goes for almost all  people, so with this in mind I keep it no pressure so that you can rest  assured that we will deliver the quality and design that you expect. 

I  am committed to be open and honest not only for your sake but  because I am accountable to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am  thankful for the respectful, clean, renovation team that we have, to  where I can be elsewhere and don’t need to be checking up on them  all the time. 


Five Star


We can not say enough about our workforce, they are clean, honest, and fun. Our team of experts are well trained to complete your project efficiently, while paying attention to all the details that matter to you. We value our customers and strive to serve them well.

Steve Beachy

Production Manager

Kyle Hershberger

Crew Leader - Decks

Brian Milnes

Deck Crew

Andrew Mast

Deck Crew

Jason Shrock

Crew Leader - Siding

Jolan Yodar

Siding Crew

Andrew Schrock

Siding Crew

Derek Troyer

Siding Crew

Mike Hershberger

Siding Crew

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